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^ i dont have a runny nose and i really really hope i dont get one
< is hungry
v likes crepes
^ I guess
< is looking at all my friends' Snapchat stories of them being at Disney World because of the aforementioned trip on the last page
v knows what I'm talking about
^ No, I don't
< Does not use social media unless it is required for communication or planning
v Uses social media a lot
^ Absolutely not. Liar.
< Enjoys a plate of pasta every Sunday Evening.
v Probably a hypocrite
^when it comes to being ironic, yeah
< carries bike up stairs
v does not ride a bike often
^ True
< Hasn't ridden a bike in at least a year and a half
v Isn't terribly interested in bikes
^ Kind of correct
< Bikes to school sometimes, but I don't think about bikes when I'm not riding them
v Dreams about bicycles
^Wait, what? No... no I don't... what are you saying...?
< is planning to bike to my crush's house this week to see if she wants to go riding bikes with me
v also has big plans this week
^Bouta lose a pound
<Bouta lose a pound
v does not lose weight easily
^ is completely wrong
< is already underweight and still loses weight
v is within the healthy weight range
^ Absolutely True.
< Enjoys eating ice-cream upside down
v Likes mint chocolate chip ice-cream
^ Very much true
< Shouldn't eat ice cream but still does
v Doesn't eat ice cream often
^Correct, currently losing weight
< is in school
v not in school
<is in school currently
v is reading an interesting book
^ False, I don't really read often
< Should read more
v Also doesn't read often
^I wouldn't be here if I was
< reads manga all day
v does not read

Edit seconds later: Hmm, seems I won't have to change it
< reads all the time.................... ayo wassup im Jared, Im 19 and I never learned how to read.
v used to read alot but stopped at some point
v school made you stop
^ what
< doesn't know how this works
v will explain the game to me
^doesn't know how the game works
<doesn't want to explain because of laziness
v will explain instead
^ what
< can't explain because he doesn't know
v will explain the game
^ is confused
< lost the game
v lost the game
^ actually very jaded
< won the game, unless you mean sports
v is a game
^ You can't play me bitches. I am no game.
< I got game though.
v Likes Monopoly. A LOT. Like.. would.. *insert vulgar phrase* it..
^ As much as you're imagining me having any gay fantasies with Monopoly, it will never happen.
< is at a hotel in Minnesota
v is on vacation