ForumForum Games ► <^v
^nope, currently in class
<Plays Fire Emblem
v has played a Fire Emblem title
^ began a new page of this thread
< is in class right now
v is having an alright day so far
^apparently has class
<Suffered from being inactive for a long while
\/ has most likely not taken a hiatus
<Reads manga in class
v has a notebook ready
^Penultimate to the latest poster in About ^, as of Mar 20, 2019 - 5:17 PM
<Bad handler of serious topics in TC&S asks
v Prefers the forums more than asking/answering questions
<has been in trouble for something I didn't do
v has been in trouble for something they didn't do
^probably, but I don't remember any because I don't usually hold grudges
<had knee surgery yesterday, will have a birthday tomorrow
v is currently not bound to a chair most of the time
^ is wrong
<bound to a chair 24/7
v is very bored and eats chip dip by itself sometimes
^no chip dip
<eats chips raw
v enjoys the salt on chips
^ ew no
< has hiccups
v has had hiccups at least twice in their life
< Has had hiccups at least two times in their life
v Has had hiccups at least three times in their life
^ Correct
< Has had hiccups way more than 3 times in my life
v Has had hiccups at least 10 times in their life
^ Psychic or something
< Has had hiccups more than 10 times
v Lives in U.S.
^ Somehow knows where I live... stalker
< Lives in a house
v Lives in a box
^is wrong.
< lives in a house
v has an annoying sister
^I do
<Has been outside for more than the school's 8 hours.
v is worried about sleeping tonight
^is correct
<Has troubles sleeping and usually get's a panic attack around 3 AM
v Has no troubles falling to sleep
^ Correct, for the most part
< Will change profile pic soon
v Has a say in what will be in it
^will have a picture of a pine tree
<hopes it will actually be a pine tree
v doesn't want it to be a pine tree
^ is false
< is currently wondering why I have both an ipod and a phone
v most likely doesn't have both at once as of this current second
^Nah I bought the iPod 5th gen a month before the 6th gen was released and I was pissed
< is eating Japanese candy
v is not eating Japanese candy
^ is correct
< is eating lunch
v is most likely at school
^nah I got spring break
< is at home
v is somewhere
^is really active around this time
<is active sometimes
v most likely the person ^
^ magic
< is on spring break and has nothing to do
v is tired