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^I have it, but it's not that good
<Is home playing cod mobile
v is not home atm
^ “I’d be quite surprised if someone wasn’t home at 10.”
< is hungry.
v is not hungry.
^ Is true
< has 6 hours until break
v is also excited that there's like 6 hours until break
^ Correct?
< Has ~5 hours until freedom
v dislikes school
< Is sitting around in a study
v has something to do
^ “No. Just waiting for the day to start.”
< Will go to study sometime.
v Obsessively likes something.
< Is slowly running of things to say here
v probably has more to say than me about their <
^ “actually, I’m running out of things to predict and things to say about myself.”
< Is wondering what the obsessive hobby is.
v Could tell me.
^Is correct
<Basically has a gaming/tech hobby
v is most likely ^
^ Correct.
< Is wondering about the tech hobby.
v Could tell me?
^ ^^ probably plays a lot of games and tinkers with technology
<is in their final final exams
v is also nearly done with something specific
^ Is correct in the tech/gaming aspect and the v part
< has a presentation on the last day of school of the decade
v will make decade jokes
^ "Uh....I'm not good with jokes."
< Has a very bad spacebar.
v Has a computer.
^Is correct
< is thinking of upgrading said computer
v also has a computer
^I'm here, aren't I?
<is now going to do exam, see yall in about 3 hours
v is not gone
^ "Not gone yet!"
< Seriously wants a properly working spacebar.
v Will be gone soon also.

From an update on the spacebar:
I now have a properly working spacebar.
^is correct, and probably has a new keyboard
< is at work
v will probably question why I’m on here during work
^ Incorrect, TwoCans is great.
< Is wondering what the work is.
v Can’t tell me.
^ I sure can’t.
< hasnt uses tcas in a while— “hey this is pretty fun”
v has had that orange chocolate candy thing i keep hearing about
^ Is a very small oldie. “Hi! Welcome back!”
< You mean Reese’s Pieces(or whatever the name is)? Yep. Not much, though. Not my first choice.
v Likes sugar.
^ very much so
< is up at 4 am
v thinks I should probably go to bed
^ Yes, but it was like 2 days ago so I assume has slept
< hasn't been here for a decade
v will also make the decade joke
<doesn't think that joke is funny
v begs to differ
^ It's honestly just one of those jokes that's bound to be made
< wants to still be in winter break
v also wants to
^Yes only 3 days left then back to rise and grind
<Is currently waiting
v is not waiting