ForumForum Games ► <^v
^ Yes
< notices this is deader than usual
v probably also notices
^ The entirety of the website is deader than usual
< definitely has noticed
v doesnt like having a dead website
^ Is right
< remembers the hella active chat days
v is in school
^a b s o l u t e l y
< is now sitting in Spanish
v is not
^ correct.
< has school start tomorrow.
v hates school.
^ y e s
< is verbose
v does not participate in the act of making their words more verbose
^ “Who’s to say I don’t do that from time to time?”
< Likes bending the rules a bit.
v Does not like the bending of rules.
^Eh, not really
< is currently bored
v probably wishes for a rtc
^ Is correct

< Is happy and alive.

v Surprised to see me.
^ Was correct.
< Is very happy friend is not dying.
v Is social.
^ I try my best to be.

< Is currently cross eyed from coding.

v May or may not know what I'm trying to code.
^You guys can code?
<Wants to learn to code
v coding
^ Is correct
< LIkes coding, is trying to make a website work
v Doesn't know how to make a website work.
^ correct
< feeling really uncomfortable regarding what may be a more intense mental complication
v relatively sane
^ Might be correct.
< Is predisposed socially inept.
v Is hopefully sane.
^ We'll see about that.
< Probably needs to sleep more.
v Definitely needs to sleep more.
^ Agreed.
< Finished midyears last week but took a break from most things for about the week after
v Has homework.
^ Indeed.
< Is running on five hours of sleep and a snack for breakfast.
v Has better eating habits than me.
<is now in last class
v has no intention to watch anime and play CoD Mobile the whole time after school
^ delbeto
< Has no intention to watch anime or play CoD mobile after school
v Surprised to see me
^ not really
< Thinks that some of these responses are getting unoriginal.
v Likes donuts
<is in class with their enemy
v does not know the story of why
^ yes.
< is interested to know why.
v cannot tell me.
^ Is true
< decided to take like a week of break again for no reason lmao
v will question what I do in my spare time
^You do you, comrade.
<Is about to go to school
v is not on their way to the academic building