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^ wrong, just having a lazy day
< wishes there was chocolate to eat
v likes chocolate more than gummy candy
/\ Called me out like that.

< Is tired an mildly annoyed.

\/ Needs more sleep.
^ needs to stop. And sleep.
< needs some allergy meds.
v has allergies.
^ “oh, just wait a few weeks.”
< has inactive allergies.
v also has inactive allergies.
^ whats the difference between an inactive and an active allergy?
< trying to revive this thread
v is happy that < is trying to revive this
^how did you know
<is bored and a little lonely
v would appreciate a hug right about now.
^ yes
< hugs ^
v is happy
/\ Close enough.

< Is bored out of her mind attempting to stay active enough to not feel lethargic.

\/ Wishes that the world wasn't so chaotic.
^ revived this thread
< is tired of all the apocalypse stuff happening right now
v noticed <‘s grand return to tcas
^ Yes i did, also, i was technically the one who revived this
< is going to have to work tomorrow 9 - 4 again
v don't has to work
^er, yeah
<has not posted here for a few months (I think)
v is more active than me
^ I usually disappear for a week or two before interacting with the forum for a bit.
Welcome back, nevertheless.
< Lagging behind.
v Things are going swimmingly.
^ probs, if a) i knew what swimmingly meant, and b) my parents don't make me go to a totally unrelated party tomorrow
< has a party tomorrow in a town 30 minutes away that her parents want him to go to
v has a better social life than <
^ is wrong
< doesn't care that ^'s v doesn't apply to <
v would do something similar to this for <'s ^
^ Has confused <
< Is confused by ^'s <, less by ^^'s v, though ^'s v is also pretty bad
v Will hopefully be less confusing than < or ^^, and write a better < than ^^v<v's <
^confuses me and is also WAY TO CRYPTIC FOR THEIR OWN GOOD
<suggests we use names instead of the carrots.
v agrees with me, adsfjlk;
^ Suggests we break tradition
< Is outraged at the suggestion that we desecrate this tried-and-true format
v Agrees in preserving the status quo
^ tcas traditionalist
< would prefer using carets instead of names, but not that strongly
v is tired of this topic
^ Indeed
< Has not seen ^ in a long while
v Registered after ^ started their hiatus
^ this account yes, first account no.
< account is relatively new, but user isn't
v is a relatively old user
^ has a broken link in their profile
< "relatively old", yes you could say that
v knows what's up
^ unofficial bad penny
< is up
v is down
^Is above me
<Is bored of being inside
v Has left their house more recently than me
^ Is not Jaxon
< Doesn't know when ^ left their house last
v has some idea of when ^ left their house last
/\ Assumed incorrectly.

< Is bored and needs entertainment.

\/ Please send help!