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^should watch some speedruns.
<should watch some speedruns,
v should watch some speedruns.
^ should watch some speedruns
< watched a plants vs zombies speedrun (don't ask why)
v is going to ask why even though I said not to
^ why?
< why?
v why?
^ I don't know
>. I don't know
V ought to have a clue
^ ought not be wrought with fraught thoughts
< caught nought what was sought
v fought
^ will not be caught with frivolous thoughts.
< thinks it rhyme time, the ultimate crime.
v shall end the trend of rhymes.
^continued the trend of rhymes
<likes the trend but is too tired to do it
v Has listened to Paralyzer by Finger Eleven in the past hour
^ has underestimated how sour below's taste in music has become
> has multiple youtube playlists that ought to be sterilized
v says he he likes thyme to continue the rhyme
^It is thyme to continue the rhyme.
< has a grudge that will not budge due to my crime of misusing thyme.
v has rhymes till the end of times for mcgrimes.
^ reinstated the rhymes.
< is aware of the existence of mimes
v enjoys the flavor of limes
^kept rhyming
<Loves all citrus except grapefruits
v Has seen Hamilton
<Hates musicals, only one I liked was frozen lmao
v thinks this is unacceptable
^shrek the musical is a banger
< played trumpet in pit for shrek the musical
v plays a wind instrument
^Is mostly right
<I played recorder in elementary school, so that counts (I played the Euphonium in Middle School and Guitar in High)
v Plays an actual woodwind instrument.
  • = was expected
^ Besides the recorder, the harmonica is probably the closest thing to I've gotten to a wind instrument.
<Former orchestra student. Played violin since middle school.
v No, seriously. This person actually plays/have played a woodwind.
^I guess is maybe right based off of the phrasing
< I played the flute once just to see it in action, and I mess around with my sister's basoon, which qualifies as having played it
v will point out that my use of technicalities is anything but charming
<Is out of the house during the circumstances
v has left the house at least once
^damn, you got me
< is in the middle of show choir camp
v was in show choir at one point
^yep, 7th grade choir
>Wasn't that good at it
v Has at least attempted band
^is not a psychic
<has never touched a band instrument, more of an orchestra guy
v 4th grade violin class
^ strings rule, :)
< in my district, students usually began orchestra/band in 5th grade. close enough?
v writes their own music
^no, sadly
<has little news about the school's method of schooling for high schoolers
v has their classes confirmed at the least
^ Has considered writing music at least a little bit.
< Classes are not confirmed but more like, grandfathered in. No way to cancel them now since I graduated $TIME ago.
v Will graduate from something soon.
^ hopefully from living lmao
< had school delayed for 3 weeks because of a storm
v is currently in a storm
^Plays r6 occasionally
<Had a way worse storm last night, but it is technically drizzling right now
v Has a college degree