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^I wish
<In high school
v Has passed at least one class
^ yep!
< just got out of my zoom meeting for lunch
v doesn't have to go to their campus to take their classes
^All at home now
< is currently "In class"
v is not in class
^ has school
<'s school has not started yet
v starts/started school sometime this week
^Started halfway through August
<early start, early end
v is not in such a system
^ luckily i start at 10am now
< just ate dinner
v likes baking
^Yeah, but i can't bake, for there is no oven. I make stovetop cakes, though
<Listens to music during quiet sections of online class
v does the same
^Is correct for the most part
<Listens to music during all parts of online class
v Believes global warming is an issue
^is correct.
<who doesn’t think global warming is an issue?
v disagrees with me.
^ is correct about climate change being an issue
< recognizes that climate change denial exists and needs to be addressed
v is not causing the majority of climate change
^ if i ever am i give the public permission to hunt me for sport
< doesn't know what to eat for lunch
v already ate lunch
^ Currently noon-ish, I'm guessing?
< Ate lunch five hours late.
v Had something pleasant to eat/drink.
^You mean a cup of cereal worth around 180 calories with another 40 for a cup of milk?
<Is watching dozens of persona compilation videos
v is vibin'
^ im vibing!
< ignoring all my classwork
v likes scary stories
^ is right and wrong
> is buried in school work too
v same as >
^ is pointing to some mysterious person off to the right
< really ought to get to sleep
v skipped breakfast
<Is eating breakfast
v is usually not up this early
^ is confused about the concept of "early"
< is currently in bed at 11:30PM
v hasn't slept in months
^sleep is for the weak
<never slept a day in my life.
v probably thinks I’m bluffing.
^ somehow survives without sleep
< skipped class today
v also chose not to do something today
^I didn't want to get up, but here I am
<has school today, but tomorrow
v does not have school
^ wrong, unfortunately.
< i just play 3DS games.
v also takes advantage of online school.
^Yep, am on my phone or playing on my ps2 when my camera is off and my work is nearly done
<is waiting for class to end
v is not done with something rather important
^ gets distracted easily
< gets distracted easily
^got distracted
<is not distracted
v is not blue