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^ I do know the answer.
< I was talking about Majoras mask, the remake ruined the atmosphere.
v agrees with me.
^does not know that I have never played majora's mask
<lives under a rock
v probably has responded in this thread before
<is listening to a retelling of a tornado
v listens to stuff that isn't music while working
^ on occasion.
< listens to unraveled on occasion.
v doesn’t know what unraveled is.
^ most likely knew that I would respond next
< is not paying attention in class
v is also not paying attention in class
^ don't have to pay attention when you have 8th period off
< just finished up AP Music Theory homework and has to work later
v also hates their job
^ doesnt know I don’t have a job yet.
< just told everyone.
v oh crap
^ doesn't have a job
< doesn't have a job
v doesn't have a job
< Actually has a Yob working at a chicken place called popeyes.
V would like some fried chicken.
^ “...does it have bone?”
< doesn’t understand how people deal with drumsticks without slicing the meat off
V does not notice/care about texture discrepancies.
< seems dissatisfied
v is unable to return it to the manufacture with their lifetime warranty
^ what?
< forgot about this thread for a while there
v forgot about this thread as well
v no
v yes
^ maybe
< yes
v perhaps
^ is a fun person
< doesn't like going outside very much
v is going to respond next
^ Wow, you're prophetic
< Just heard the phrase "how would your ass be real?"
v Hears random things like that on a daily basis.
^ no, I read them because of the videos.
< is avoiding homework.
v doesn’t know what is.
^ has something in common with me
< is glad they don't know what is
v is going to tell me anyway
A If i may ask, what tf is
< wants to die
v doesn't want < to die
^ Is using their old profile picture again.
< Doesn't want Andromeda to die.
v Is currently making something new in the recently changed avatar editor.
^ nope.
< just made a really funny video with
v still has no idea what is.
^ Probably argues for the pros of eating raw ramen.
< Watched a bit of ^'s video. I remember that Ace Attorney Online was/is a thing.
v Probably looked up what what this Objection thing is.
^ I mean, yeah.
< is a browser application that allows you to make your own custom ace attorney trials.
v is slightly interested now.
^ mildly
< is going to go check it out after posting this
v thinks I'll enjoy doing so