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^ you never give me your money
< you only give me your funny paper
v and in the middle of negotiations, you break down
^ referencing a song that was one of my favorites 3 years ago
< listened to that song while dealing with a massive teenage crush
v wishes i continued the lyrics
^ >:(
< listened to that song while high off my *ass*
v did a drug once
^ Now you're knocking at my door
< saying please come out against the night
v But I would rather be alone
^ this is not a drug
< currently on highaitus because reasons
v is confused
^ Always.
< Is in a constant state of confusion.
v Will only begin existing once another person posts.
^ woaaahhhhh dudddeee
< woaaahhhh not duddeee
v woaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh
<Achivement #10 on my bio
vA human
^ egg
< hatched
v yoke
^ Came from an egg, I guess?
< Yolk is best part of egg.
v Thinks the white of eggs is the best.
^ Stop turning people into eggs!!!
< Egg.
v Egg, in a different context.
^ such as the trans egg
< hatched
v probs not even an egg, ngl
^ Of course I'm not an egg,
< Is a seal.
v Is not a seal.
^ is apparently a seal
< is a human (as far as i know)
v does not know who they are
^ i'm a woman, thank you very much
< wamon
v namow
^ is based
< is a trans woman :sunglasses:
v is up way too late
^ based fellow trans
< is up not way too late but too late none the less
v hasn't been to the library in years
^ i went to my university library once to buy food, but otherwise is correct
< goes to libraries to play minecraft on the computers (ever since they removed the pianos >:( )
v knows other fun places that are free to visit
^ i believe you're talking about the skate park, milady
< used to skate, never got good. or even passable
v has ridden a skateboard
^Correct, but I was never good at it
<Breaking down
vUnderstands the reference in the PFP line of my bio
^ unfortunately no
< big dumb, big sad
v big smart, big hap
^ dumb n sad 😥
< woke up at 6am for who knows what
v is staying up late
^ it is nearly 1 AM 🙃
< I'm not "quirky", I'm just odd. and that's how i like it.
v forever wanders the plain of planes.
^ I own all of the planes of the plain of planes. I sell them for scrap.
< Is obsessed with trains, and now planes as well.
v Is afraid of flying.
^ correct :(
< thinks the takeoff is the worst part of a flight
v has never taken a flight somewhere (??? idk)