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v is not a freeform spinning rat
^ Probably likes the song "Freebird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd.
< Is not one spinning rat, but is rather TWO spinning rats.
v Does not eat diapers.
^What? No
v knows the free bird riff
^ probably likes free bird
< isn't sure which riff specifically ^ is talking about but knows a bunch of them
v claims to exist
^ I swear it's true.
< Is watching a very good documentary about Challenger.
v Knows a little bit about space and stuff.
^ trapped a seal
< does love stars n stuff
v loves animals
^kitties kitties kitties kitties kitties
<adores kitties
v also adores kitties
^ Adores kitties.
< Adores titties kitties. (joss kidding)
v Also adores kitties, but not nearly as much.
^false, I adore them more!
<adores titties I mean titties I mean titties sorry I mean titties
v has many a question for the world
^ likes titties kitties
< has many questions for the world
v has to go to sleep now
^ fortunately not
< can play some zelda music on piano
v can also play an instrument
^A pianist
< A (word for someone who plays trumpet (Trumpeter? Trumpetist?))
v Does not play an instrument.
^ true
< does not play any instruments
v plays more than one instrument
<is really bored of history class
v cool person
^also cool person
< threw up today
v is not sick
^ is sick
< wishes chotano felt better
v also wishes chotano would feel better
^hope you feel better cho
< wants to sleep
v also wants to sleep
^ it's the best way to cure sickness
< feels (a little) better
v got a good night's sleep
^ Is just a little sick.
< Is addicted to EMD F7 units.
v Has no idea what I am talking about.
^ Is correct about my ignorance.
< Has had the hiccups 3 times today (yesterday?)
v Has an article of Swedish furniture somewhere in their house.
^ is correct. gotta love ikea
< cool person
v also a cool person
^ a very cool person
< a not-so-cool person
v a somewhat cool person
^ Is the most coolest person.
< Forgets to sleep sometimes.
v Woke up early.
^ cool person
< was woken up by a six year old at five am
v cool person, part 2
^ one of my favorite forum users
< just got out of the hospital
v has not been in the hospital for at least a month