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^Was in the hospital
<Wonders what Chotano was in the hospital for
vProbably is her explaining why she was there
^ is correct
< haha mental health go brrr
v is not currently eating food
^Mental health went brrrrrrrrrrrrrr
<Not consuming food
v IBbshabsfvgdkajvbfdvakbfhawlv dz vsBVfhvzbdv
v djjdheoejeeknrbtGAYjdjdnekenwn
^Hid a message(technically accurate as well)
<Stopped the keyboard spam
vMight restart it
^ asshole
< asshole
v asshole
^ not wrong
< annoying
v less annoying
^ is also one of my favourite forum users
< sehxgfchgvhjbkjn
v keyboard spammer
^ rjajhdhsbdkabxkznbfhruwisodbkshxkshxksbdksix
< fhaihfjzbxnzbdjishxhscjsoxgvdbajzhvdja
v tjskhfksnxknzbxjsksufhznxkkabdnandj
^ cool person
< is very happy (thanks Alex)
v is not a keyboard spammer
^ is happy
< made chotano happy :)
v has seen the breakfast club
^has a cute pastel pfp :)
< has been thinking about the breakfast club literally all day and needs to rewatch it tonight
v heeds the commands not to forget about me
^ should definitely rewatch tbc
< will not forget you
v a tcas user (maybe)
<Uses Zalgo a bit
v Enjoys Zalgo when appropriately used
^ true, though I personally haven't used it for quite a while
< is still up at 1 AM
v wonders what the fuck they're doing with their life
<binging dimension 20
v tried to play dnd that one time but never got into it
^ is bad at pathologic
is it worth playing?
< likes birds
V has trouble going to sleep on time
^is correct
< doesn't sleep right
v has a good sleep schedule
^ is wrong
< Is moving to college later today
v is not moving to college later today
^ 🎉
< Wishing only the best for Cho.
v Drawing something at the moment.
/\ is incorrect

< Hasn't been online for a while

\/ may or may not know me
<has also been gone for a while, college is :<
v reads a book once in a blue moon
^ You can't say stuff like that when you don't even know what kind of person is going to respond.
< Loves reading. Reads every day.
v Has brown hair.
^ Said something that applies to multiple people.
< Has brown hair that grows far too fast.
v Has brown eyes.
/\ Is a prophet.

< does indeed have brown eyes

\/ will choose v over \/ and ^ over /\