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^ Correct, but only when I feel like it.
< Is enjoying the last few hours of a "cold day."
v Is wondering what exactly a cold day is.
^ Is, once again, correct :)
< Can't think of how to say what I want to say...
v Is wondering what I want to say...
^ Correct, and a cold day is a day so cold that buses can't start, and classes are cancelled.
< Very much not wanting to go to classes tomorrow.
v Wants to say something about this post.
^How did you know???
< lives in a non-snowing place
v wants to know what PERFECT area I live in... :)
^ Is lucky
< Lives in a very snowy place
v Can relate
^ can indeed relate
< is sick of snow and ice.
v wants to go to Harry Potter World
^ Like Harry Potter
< If I knew what it was, maybe.
v Likes italics
^ Is correct!!
< Likes proper grammar.
V Doesn't think it matters.
^ Is incorrect
< Is mildly annoyed but excessive exclamation marks
v Enjoys listening to Bo Burnham
^ Is not really correct...
< Is tired
v Is not tired
^ Am tired, but still going regardless.
< Going to The Rite tonight.
v Will comment on the rhyme I just made.
^I like that Rhyme :)
<Hates rhymes >:( . . . haha just kidding...
v loves poems :)
^ Most definitely correct.
< Writes poems.
V Does not write poems.
^ Positive
< No creative poetic skills whatsoever
v Has a food allergy
^ Hehe, yeah, limes...
< HATES limes
v Loves limes
^ Too sour, so disagree
< Has weird food allergies, too
v Doesn't have any food allergies
^I just said I was allergic to limes...
<still hates limes... /
v Is the same person as ^
^ Hates limes
< Is not the same person as ^
v Likes kiwis
^ Millerrcerrterr :D
< Likes kiwis very much.
v Is good at writing birthday greetings.
^ Jaxxie :D
< Could write birthday greetings
v Has never been to 7-11
↑ Enjoys Disturbed
← Lives in a place where there are no 7-11's
↓ Needs a shower
^ Managed to do something I didn't in my reply to orignal poster.
< Is going to take a shower tonight.
v Wants a bunny.
^ is incorrect if they mean as a pet.
< Thinks stew rabbits are delicious in well.. stew.
v Thinks I'm evil
^ Only if it's a Vorpal Bunny
< Has pirate bookmarks! Squee
v Is thinking that I'm crazy for saying squee.
^ Switchy penguin avatar :D
< Could never think ^ is crazy, because of their avatar.
v Doesn't really like penguins.