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Alright, you know how this goes, let's get to it!
Banned for misspelling "know".
Banned for banning just before I banned Mac.
Banned for banning the incorrect person.
Banned because I hate my keyboard.
Banned for hating on an inanimate object.
Banned because I didn't hate on it, I just hate it.
Banned for being a hater, then.
Banned for hating the hater.
Banned because we need more love in here.
Banned because this game isn't about love.
Banned because I find that your name and avatar work too well together.
Banned, for yours don't.
'Band', because I misread the title.
Banned for misreading the title.
Banned for not tolerating illiterates.
Bannd 4 b3ing ileterread
Banned for some incorporation of leekspeak.
banned for implying leeks are bad.
Banned cause leeks are awesome.
Banned for thinking leeks are awesome.
Leek: Leeks.jpg
Leet: speak-leet-200X200.jpg
Banned for not banning ash.
Banned for the sake of banning
Banned for not having an avatar.
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