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Banana'd for nutrition.
Banned for implementing too much potassium in this post.
K-lined for Potassium.
Banned for not starting the first word with the letter B
Banned for talking too much
Banned for talking too loudly.
Banned for assuming speech volume.

Reason: Banned for implying this thread is not spoken aloud.

Reason: Reviving a thread from the second page.
banned for banning based on someone else banning the person before them to revive this thread
Banned for confusing me
Banned for being confused
Banned for banning the confused
Banned for having a questionable username
Banned for kinkshaming
Banned for soapboxing.
Banned for being unhygienic.
Banned for misinterpreting the term "soapboxing".
Banned for assuming too much; I actually need a shower. not really but maybe I do the world will never know
Banned because you need to shower
Banned for assuming gws's hygiene habits
banned for incorrect grammer

it's clearly g'ws
Banned for spreading false news

It's actually g'w's'
Banned for not referencing Overnite sensation.
All y'all banned for getting my name wrong. But I'll make it a temporary ban only because at least nobody spelled it all-caps.
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