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Banned for showing mercy

Reason: Not using the thread for its intended purpose.
Banned for taking the bait
Banned for baiting the thread
Banned for baiting masterfully.
Banned for suggestive content
Banned for being content to suggest.
Banned for suggesting I'm content
Banned for contending a suggestion.
Banned for censoring a suggestion.
banned for not beginning your post with the word "banned" >:(
Banned for being wrong???
Banned for being incorrect
Banned for restating a previous post in different words.
Banned for not appreciating T-series
Banned for acting in defense of T-Series

Reason: Implying that T-Series is not the superior channel.
banned for implying T-series is the superior channel
banned for continuing this ridiculous meme
Banned for changing your profile picture's background color
Banned for being the first person to comment on it
Banned for paying attention
Banned for NOT paying attention.
Banned for knowing too much
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