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Banned because I am the pointer here
Banned for not being a cursor
Banned for not cursing
Banned for heck you
banned for curSE WORDS

Reason: Unnecessary capitalization.

I have a kid in my choir class and his last name is Siemens, but last year when he was on a list my choir teacher left out the "i" in his surname.
Banned for formulaic formatting.
Banned for alliteration and assonance
Banned for going against figurative language.

Reason: Banned for implying that figurative language should be respected.
Banned because I said so.
Banned for passing 5000 posts
Banned for hypocrisy
Banned for dissing Keats in the change one letter thread.

Reason: Banned for making people forget about this beautiful format.
Banned for using an inferior shade of red
Banned for using red
Y'all were banned!!!

Reason: Y'all stopped using white text Traitors
banned for bringing it back
banned for not liking it
banned for completely white text
Banned for not using white text. USE IT
Banned for hiding secret messages.

No secret messages here.
Banned for the oppression of free speech.

according to all known laws of aviation, a bee cannot fly.
Banned for discrimination to countries that don't have those laws.
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