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Banned for not knowing my pronoun. Don't you play Gender race?

Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
Its he
Banned because I wanted to steer away from assuming pronouns.
Banned for not having any dots
Banned for having almost all the dots

Banned for the forging of dots.
Banned because I didn't and still don't understand that
Banned for not understanding
Banned for not explaining
Banned for telling me to explain
banned for posting at 4 am
Banned for posting at 1 am
banned for breaking the clock
Banned for banning
banned for repeating bans
banned for being exactly 9 posts more than a power of 10 at the time of this post
banned because it is not anymore
Banned for posting bad grammar.
Banned for being a grammar nazi.
Banned for the use of "Nazi"
Banned for registering in 2016
Banned for misspelling “Coruscant.”
Banned for reminding me I misspelt my name about a year ago
Banned for not using the traditionally American spelling of "Misspelled."
Banned for caring how I spell.
Banned for spelling
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