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Banned for bee
Banned for insect.
banned for hexapod
banned for w o r d
Banned for the abundance of a similar shade of gray.
Banned for too many colors in your profile pic.
banned for having any color other than dark grey and white in your profile picture
Banned for using monotone colors

Banned for a disregard of self-awareness.
Banned because the thread told me to.
Banned for using an extra o.
Banned because I don't know what you mean. *Shifts eyes from side to side*
Banned for editing your post.
Banned for tattling
Banned for improper punctuation.
Banned for Nazism of the Grammar.
Banned for having only one dot.

Banned for stealing the color from the rainbow
Banned for false advertising.
banned for possession of stolen property
banned because i think i have two dots
Banned for thinking.
Banned for violating freedom of speech(and thought).
Banned for *insert blasphemous accusation here*
Banned for not coming up with a better accusation

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