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banned for implying the law doesn't matter
banned for implying the law exists
Banned for Ben.
Banned because of ben
banned for suspicion of Uncle Ben's murder
banned because Ben is my uncle
banned because bob's your uncle
Banned because this isn’t Britain.
Banned because I have lived in England.
banned for living in england
Banned for NOT living in England.
Banned for already graduating school
banned for knowing things you aren't supposed to know
banned for restricting knowledge
Banned for knowledge restricted.
banned because the library of alexandrea got burned down
Banned for doing it.
Banned for banning something
banned for banned for banning something
Banned for ban**3
banned for having a dot
banned for not having a pink dot at the time of this writing
banned for causing me to lose my dot
banned for losing the pink dot
banned because I won't get it back soon (should've waited a little longer before posting in the Gender Race)
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