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banned for saying the same thing as incognito girl's last post
Banned for not continuing the chain of not making sense.
Banned for calling me out on not continuing the trend
banned for unoriginal post
Banned because I'm too tired to be original
Banned for being relatable
Banned for not being relatable
Banned for being lazy
banned for banning laziness
banned for saying the word ban twice, each in a different tense
Banned for [redacted]
Banned for ████████
banned for 😏
Banned for XD
banned for using letters to make a fake emoji
Banned for (╭☞´༎ຶ ͜ʖ´༎ຶ)╭☞
banned for illegal characters
Banned for having a device that can't register those characters.
banned for having a device that does
banned for having a device
Banned for being a device.
Banned for making enough sense to make me think about it but not enough to make it make my brain not confused
banned because your tongue is a square.
banned because you are car man
Banned because you are star wars man
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