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Banned for essentially banning any use of the word "I'm" in that context unless you want to be D A D J O K E D
banned for forgetting that you can end a sentence with I am, there for not walking into the dad joke
Banned because I said "in that context".
banned for maybe editing your post
Banned because no...... if I edited that in then it would be basically the same as my last post. It would literally be saying the same thing
banned for definetly a ghost then
Banned because it's casper
banned for who is casper?
Banned because B R U H, Casper the Friendly Ghost
banned for not living under a rock
Banned for living under one yourself
banned for not realizing how nice the rock is
Banned because who said I didn't want to live under a rock?
banned for there is nothing stopping you
Bannned because there is. A mysterious force doesn't allow me to come within 5 feet of any rocks
banned for not hitting it with a rock
Banned because I've never thought of that before, thanks
banned for your welcome
Banned for thanks
Banned for using the wrong your/you're

normally I wouldn't correct that but this is payback for that dad joke
banned for i did it on purpose
Banned for really?
banned for yes
banned for ok
banned for ko
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