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Banned for ok then don't post if you dont
banned for making no sense
Banned for needing sense
Banned for not needing sense (did you mean to say "if you don't want to be ninja'd"?)
Banned for no
Banned for telling me I was incorrect
Banned for being incorrect
Banned for restating
banned for actually being correct
Banned for calling me correct
Banned for which one of us?
banned for just adding a question banned
Banned for so what?
Banned for ninja'ing me once again I'm just gonna stop
banned for stopping
Banned for also stopping earlier than I did
Banned for

uh, reasons.
Banned for consciously stuttering in an online conversation
Banned for pointing out the stutter and having sunglasses on when its clearly raining outside.
Banned because it's sunny where I am
Banned for being online when its sunny where you are
Banned because you are assuming that they aren’t allergic to the sun. So inconsiderate. Smh
Banned for being too woke
Banned for using the word woke as an adjective.
Banned for being a grammar nazi
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