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Banned for not being better at grammar.
Banned for being a stickler
Banned because I was resting since I worked a busy 8 hour closing shift by myself yesterday then woke up at 3:30 a.m. today after 4 hours of sleep to work a 7 hour shift at 4 a.m.
Banned because it sucks that you had to do that, but mentioning it was irrelevant.
Banned because everyone needs to vent.
Banned because it could have been it’s own thread, were we could have discussed how much it sucks,
Banned because you lack of empathy makes you the rule Nazi. (Well well well, How the turn tables.)
Banned for turning your tables turned turned tables.
Banned for being the Mad King of Insanity.
banned for adhering to stoicism
Banned for thinking it is just Stoicism that I use in life.
Banned for having a skull
Banned because technically you have a skull too.
Banned because robots don't have skulls
Banned for not being literal like a robot should. xD
Banned for saying xD
Banned for judging me on something so low.
Banned, because some bans can go lower.
Banned for making yourself an example
Banned for making me sad
Banned for making me think that was a link when it was just blue text
Banned for immediately thinking links have to be blue.

They can be purple, too.
Banned because for the most part, blue text is links
Banned for just because.
Banned for not being able to think of a reason to ban.
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