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Banned for I'm ready to resume the trial
Banned for making references to that one game where you uhh... uhh.... play court...
Banned for not knowing Phoenix Wright, the true anime protagonist.
Banned for saying anime in a forum
Banned for not knowing that anime is in every forum, regardless of the topic.
Banned because I'm too tired to argue
Banned for being tired
Banned for ever
Banned for not having appriciation for that play on word joke, but here's mine
Banned for the eternal glory of Dundee!
Banned for who the hell is Dundee
banned for not knowing dundee
(i ban myself as well)
Banned for not finding out.
I'll make you a deal, though - let's call it a temporary exile instead. You can come back when you have learned about Dundee, and next poster can ban me for going soft.
Banned for going soft on a village somewhere in Scotland.
banned for hating on a good ol' softie
Banned for defending the softie
Banned for not being soft, and instead, being harder then bedrock
Banned because bedrock isn't actually that hard in real life.
Banned for not directly knowing that I was talking about Minecraft's, but you already know that as well
Banned for expecting people to associate it with minecraft bedrock.
Banned for not expecting the Spanish Inquisition
Banned because everyone expected the Spanish Inquisition!
Banned for after I posted that in qna
banned for improper grammer
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