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You have been banned. The reason for this is that you also lacked proper grammar.
banned because had grammar d'proper
banned for bad french
Banned for a certain je ne sais quoi.
Banned for making me open google translate and realizing that have no idea what you are talking about.
Banned for needing to open google translate
Banned for assuming I took French over Spanish
Banned for taking spanish instead of french
Prohibido por no darse cuenta de que el espaƱol es el idioma superior
Banned for comparing pommes and naranjas.
Banned for saying that in such a way that I didn't even have to translate it to understand it.
Banned because I need someone to blame for the influx of "<character> once said..." question spam in the Q&A
Banned because I also dislike the mass-asking of those, and have been reporting them.
Banned for hopefully the mods will take care of it
Banned for relying on mods instead of causing an uprising
Banned for vigilanteism.
banned for being right-of-center
Banned for being centered on an even number of pixels
banned for assuming I was the hourglass when in fact I am the sand inside
Banned for assuming I was referring to the hourglass rather than the space around it.
banned for containing a semiprime
Banned for interpreting my username as "aprzn one hundred twenty-three" as opposed to "aprzn one two three"
Banned for interpreting this account's username as BroncoBoy eighteen hundred when its BroncoBoy One Eight Zero Zero
Banned for failure to sequite.
Banned because I accidentally posted a message for this thread in the Mafia thread.
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