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Banned from the Mafia thread for posting about it here.
banned for having no tolerance for mistakes
Banned for criticism.
Banned for not being able to take it
Banned for use of a phrase that could be used as an innuendo
Banned for making everyone think of it that way now
Banned for denying the fact that you weren't thinking it as well
banned for reduplication
banned for duplicate duplication
Banned because I say so.
Banned for not having a valid point
banned for thinking he needs a valid point
Banned for blank facial expression.
Banned for having a gonzo banana
Banned for sticking your tongue in public (ew)
banned for being a frog in public
Banned for banning frogs in public
Banned for allowing frogs in public
Banned for wanting to be outside
Banned for ninja'ing me.
Banned for getting ninja'd
Banned for getting ninja'd

Banned for repeating me
Banned for ninja'ing me
Banned by being ninja'd
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