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So, it's a simple enough premise. The person above you tells you what to type your username with. You attempt to, and see how it comes out. Then you tell the next person what they're going to type with. Now, this will normally be a body part, but can be something a bit more unusual if you so wish. (Please, try to steer clear of a particular body part which always seems popular on these games. Firstly, it's not all that creative, but mainly it can lead to some very awkward questions if somebody happens to spot you attempting it...)

Oh, and one thing, please don't try this in a public library or anything... I don't fancy public indecency or disturbance charges on my concience!
Okay, well, if you do try it, at least post pictures.

(Incidentally, sorry if this has already been done. I'm not aware of any existing game like this.)
Anyway, I'll start off.
Type your username with your Elbow!

I think I hit the caps lock button in there at the end. Now, type your name with your forehead.

Now with your feet
Hells yeah, I rock.
Now, with your tongue.

With your nose
Psh, I do that all the time.
With your heel! Go! Now!

Oh yeah!

now with your knee!
Now with your ear.

Teeth :P
Hell yeah, I'm sauce!
Lower lip
I smell something fishy.
As in how? I use the assigned body parts, I just believe that it is made easier as I am on an iPod.
I am also on an Ipod, and it is not easy to use your teeth, do them with out backspacing <.<
I don't! :/
Unless you have one tooth you could not possibly do it... video tape it :P
I can't! I dont have a video camera! Ya know, I normally come to this site to chill, but today, it has done nothing but piss me off. :/
Yeah, I know! :/ I keep having mood swings... I hate hormones.
I hate them and love them at the same time
teeth: iiue5g6c that was kinda like typing with my nose :P

type with your wrist!

Hehe my little wrist helps. :)
uh huh, sure it does ;)

ok now type with your...butt!

Okay, well at least the first letter was correct... That took two attempts, the first attempt pressed the wrong key and put the computer into standby...

Type your name with your... Ear.
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