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beck said:
i want to eat hash!!

well okay, it best be legalized in your state then.

not okay, it’s lettuce in your state.

are you comparing hash and lettuce?
beck said:
are you preparing hash browns and lettuce?

yup! dinner's ready!!
yup! dinner's banned!!

are you trying to starve us??
beck said:
are you trying to start the bus??

yes how else will you get to school on time
yes how else will you get to hell on time

I'm pretty sure you just wait for the devil
Samsung23 said:
I'm pretty sure you just go for the kill

Don't you dare.
W_Licky said:
Don't you share >:(

but sharing is caring!
but sharing is communism!

You got that right.
e-bag said:
You got that left?

yes, i've driven around here enough to know my way around
beck said:
i cooka da meatball

you're italian??
You're it, alien!!

I'd heard of surfing with aliens but I never played tag with one before!
gws said:
I heard of hurling with aliens but I never played in a bag with one before!

That's an interesting game, I suppose.
That's an INTer! A stinger in the game, I suppose.

Dang, the aliens play League?
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