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As simple as it gets:
Person 1 states a problem.
Person 2 solves it by using duct-tape in any way possible.

Person 1:
My teacher is annoying.

Person 2:
Duct-tape her to the wall and walk away.

Nasa stopped making rockets.

Person 3:
Duct-tape some metal plates together and be off!

Problem 1:
My computer screen isn't large enough.
Duct tape the salesmen at the nearest store and get yourself a free 60" LED tv.

My pen ran out of ink.
Dissolve some duct-tape in boiling water and put the silver-colored substance in your pen. Silver ink ftw! :D

It's cloudy outside :\
Duct-tape a cardboard cut-out of the sun to all your windows and doors

I am having caffeine withdrawals from my attempts to give up coffee
Get a duct-tape addiction instead, so you have something else to worry about.

I'm behind schedule bigtime but I don't feel like working.
Duct tape your bum to your chair so you have to work.

I am confused by some of the statistical modelling I am doing at the moment
Spell it all out with duct-tape on the side of your building, and then take a step back in hope you'll finally get it.

Someone stole my car.
next tome, duct tape yourself to the car
i'm bored
Duct tape random people to chairs and torture 'em.
I want to go to my real home.
duct tape it to your back and be a turtle...
my ds just died
Wrap the whole thing in duct-tape and throw it on the floor. Remove duct-tape to reveal a working DS!
You didn't put your problem, so I duct tape you to a chair and tickle you to death.
I'm lonely.
Wrap duct-tape around your head so people won't see how ugly you are, and make new friends :}

The moon is too far away.
Duct tape yourself to the next NASA flight.

Exams are coming up!
Duct tape the mouse to the keyboard so you're forced to revise instead of procrastinate here. (but don't really, we'd miss you ...)

My musics all disorganised.
Duct-tape a Chinese guy to your laptop/ipod/mp3 thingy doohickey stuffy. Then threaten him to suffocate him with duct-tape until he organizes it for you.

I lost my lenses.
Duct-tape a guide-person to you. Only release them when they have either bought or found you your lenses. Until then, they go everywhere you go and they are your sight.

I'm hungry.
Duct-tape a burger to your mouth

I can't stick this certain dance move
duct tape everyone who does it to the floor.
Wrap a cat in yellow duct tape with red duct tape spots.

I need a job.
you clearly havve no idea what pikachu looks like....
Uhm... isn't that exactly what Pikachu looks like? Well, I mean, obviously his tail is all zig-zaggy and his ears are long, but whatever.
I have homework.
Ducttape your homework to one hand, and your pen to the other.

I need to get a faster internet connection.
No it's not XD he said pikachu looks like this (sorry for terrible picture quality, I had to make it quickly)
Duct-tape your internet cable wire to a power line. No idea how that works.)

asdf4 is out! :D
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