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where do i respawn
You're a ghost ghost, the ghost disperser doesn't work on you. Find a way to die again, and I have a New-U station from borderlands for you.
I jump off something tall.. im not sure what but i do that.

I have died three times, as the third time is the charm, everyone gets +3 charms
Due to your ghost polarity switching back to a normal ghost's polarity, you are now able to use the New-U! station. You respawn, but you seem to be missing $20...
i was gonna use that 20 to buy candy
It scales depending on what's in your wallet, about 7%
In a now-corporeal form, I have successfully escaped from the ghost-war. I get 1,000 points, and spend them on a drug lab, making and selling various illegal substances to sell for more points and/or money.
Calvin's dad sends you to your room
You're not my real dad!!!
thats just to bad kiddo
I make a rope out of my bedsheets and clothes in my dresser to climb out the window and escape!
Too bad the yard is littered with proximity mines! If you can make it out of this, make a long journey due east, and you will find yourself back home, AT THE CALVINBALL STADIUM.
what is the average amount of mines per 10 square feet?
that lot
They only detect you about 6"in away from them, but they have a real strong aphrodisiac, and you are wearing nothing but your jammies, so it'll be real awkward to pop a boner right now.
so they aren't lethal, only much worse
And the boner could last more than four hours, so you ALSO run the risk of erectile dysfunction.
what if you a girl
Are you a girl?
Their name is guyguy...
Do the guy's cancel each other out?
no im a guy, just wondering

Edit: 777th post!
Oh shit, boner mines.
I sneak through the mines to the best of my ability, avoiding stepping on any the entire time until I reach the absolute edge of the yard, where I step directly on one.

I lose all of my points.
this is now m rated
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