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So many councils have been cropping up lately. So escape them. Come here. There is no limit or list of the players because everyone is already playing, and the only rule is... I lied. There are no rules. Welcome, and have hell.
Q: Wait, what do we do here?
A: Whatever the hell you want.
The Spirit Clan has no rules.
That doesn't prevent a thread like this from popping up. Besides, Smoke never said that the other groups had rules.
And my post wasn't referring to anything Smoke said. I just wanted to point out that the Spirit Clan has no rules.
Fair enough.
Sounds cool. I'm in.

By the way Wildface: Where IS the Spirit Clan actually?
Forces of Chaos also had no rules... TOO MANY UNRULY CLANS!
By the way Wildface: Where IS the Spirit Clan actually?
It's off-site.
Off-site? What is this?
What do you mean, 'what is this'?
Sparta? o-o
Ohh come on! Edit that ^

More effort!
Off-site? As in, not on TCaS? There's something else on teh intertubes besides TCaS? *head asplodes*
You might want to get that cleaned up.
Meh. Maybe we can just put some salt over it and see if it dries up.
Salt is expensive. Use dirt. Or sand.
Sand does seem like a much better idea. Thanks.
Or use pepporoni.

And I could care less about my mis-spelling of the aforementioned meat product.

I'm letting my self goe on this thread.
That's what it's for. That, and sock skating.
Sounds lik a grande ol' time.

Anarchy! ! ! !! ! ! ====
Or organized discord.

I feel like a traitor coming here while being (and having been) very active in several of the different Councils.
You can be our inside man. Or not, because that might seem too organized.
I have no idea what's going on, but I shall participate
You 3800 day old people. Crap I necroposted.
It's alright. Anarchy means no rules!
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