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Being creative helps.

Continue the conversation with a two sentence rhyme x)


Come along and play.
I'll appreciate your stay.

Guys it's about time.
That you guys attempt to rhyme.
I don't want to post in this stupid thread.

Might as well just hit me upside the head.
It's not at all that bad.
If you go i'll be quite sad.
I won't be mean, but my rhyming skill has grown quite lean.
Oh well, I'm already here all day.

Might as well just get this thread out of the way.
You're not at all that terrible.
In fact, you are quite bearable.
(To robert)

Seems like you're too fast..
I'm always ending up last.
I am indeed quite bad, my rhymes make people sad.
Rhymes are quite comforting.
As long as you don't make them boring :/
I realised I did reuse yours,
Better than pondering for hours.
Or minutes in my case.
I like my regular pace.
My lines are rather lame.
Perhaps it's time for another game?
The choice is yours to make.
Rhyming can be an ache.
You guys all give up much too fast
I win! (But I doubt this lead will last...)
Rhyming is an art form, so they say
So I'm going to rhyme in an artistic way
larana, you're as skilled as can be
Although I don't think you'll ever beat me >:)


I can read you, like a card.
Beating you will not be hard x)
Armo, better bite your tongue
Or I will kick you in your lung.
The pacifist that i may be.
The consequences, you will see.
Bring it on, you silly car
I doubt that you will get very far.
You and i, we're both mechanics.
Me, the stronger, has better tactics >x)
Tactics? Please, my gran has more
Hush yourself you silly whore ;)
The hypocrite you are.
Pulverised by a car.
It's time to put you in your place
You can't touch me, 'cause I'm in SPAAAACEEEE
I have weapons of great power.
Before my strength, you will cower.

Give up and surrender now.
And before my greatness, you will bow.
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