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It took you that long to reply?
Guess you're not a 'rhyming' guy.

Let's just say, you will not win.
Even thinking so is quite the sin.
I have better things to do.
Than fishing rhymes out of the blue.

Now please stay away, you won't win.
Better throw those thoughts in the bin.
Your confidence is rather charming
Too bad it isn't very alarming.

I suppose we should just wait and see
(But the final victor WILL be me...)
You imagine rather absurd conclusions.
Care to share any more illusions?
Illusions? Please. You make me grin.
It's obvious that I'm going to win.
Winning is something you won't achieve.
The winner will be me, i believe.
Keep your beliefs if you must
They'll keep you company in my dust.
Your dust is all that's left of you.
My strength is unmatchable, as i had warned you.
Your strength is naught, your power is weak
Surely you can't still wish to speak.
With your false comments, it's quite a bore.
Compared to you, my strengths soar.
Compared to me? Surely you jest
For I am better than all of the rest.
A status of losing, is what you're known for.
Don't make me destroy you, from your core.

Beating everyone, you lie so well.
How you end up failing, care to tell?
Your words are no more than a nuisance, at best
This explains why you're so apt to protest

You know for a fact I am greater than you
Care to tell me anything new?
You know almost everything, from the beginning.
Thinking your greater than me, is pretty much sinning.

Now stop with your lies and leave me alone.
I've had enough of you, and i really dislike your tone.
Oh armo, my dear, you have so much to learn
The field is all mine, it will never be your turn.

My tone has put you in a rut?
Maybe it wouldn't if you weren't such a slut.

(^ I snorted at that, I hope you do too.)
I laughed at that, that was quite normal.
But everything about you is really abnormal.

From the start, you have made an un-wise decision.
Before you decide to take me on, improve your precision.

My fellow drone, you have much to learn.
Under my wrath, you will do nothing but burn.

You will be taught a lesson, one of these days.
Anyone messing with me, certainly pays.
Your multiple rhymes just denounce your demeanor
It's plain to see that you are growing weaker (Slant rhyme, wooohoo...)

I'll let you believe that you are greater than I
But it won't be long until I shove you by

Believe me, fool, for I am the predictor
I am the one who will arise as the victor.
Victor, you will never be.
I shall keep this title, you will see.

Your rhymes are growing rather dull.
I wonder what you'll retrieve from your skull.

Maybe something, finally useful.
Cause all this time, you've just be abuseful.

Now let me be, the all-time victor.
The great car, is my world known figure!
A Transformer? How original...not.
All those cartoons caused your brain to rot.

It's apparent that you are struggling, sir
Your failure will be difficult to deter.

My rhymes are weak? You are too funny.
Your rhymes are so broke I offered them money.

Get on your way, boy, you're wasting my time
Maybe someday you'll learn how to rhyme.
I see you've taken up many rhymes.
But alas you shall be overwhelmed, multiple times.

A transformer is as original as one can be.
Just cause you have the originality of a bee.

Now turn away, don't click 'reply'.
I'll just wave you away, like a fly.

These references to insects, take them to mind.
Deep inside you, you'll probably find.

All you are, is that lonely drone.
Just one punch, and you'll be prone.
Just one punch is all it takes?
You must be mad, for goodness sakes!

So 'originality' is what you're after?
All you will find is a fit of laughter.

Your rhymes are crooked, your power is fleeting...
And I'm pretty sure that you are cheating.

Get out with that shit, just hit the road.
Your defenses are down and your responses are slowed.

It's obvious who is winning this fight.
Why don't you just get off for the night?
Of course you wish that i would leave.
You're running out of ideas, i believe!

Now stop this nonsense, think for a bit.
You don't even know how strong i hit.

Even the strongest, of this universe.
Have been downed by my punch, memorise this verse!

Now maybe i'll spare you, pathetic you are.
You'll understand one day, never mess with a car.
I'll mess with a car if I please, don't you panic.
For you see, I am in fact a mechanic.

Looking under your hood reveals you are afraid
It's obvious now from the mess you have made.

My mind is continuously refilling itself
Yours, however, is hanging from a shelf.

It's nice to see that you're running out
I don't understand what we're fighting about...?
Understanding and dominating are different things.
Mechanic?! Wake up, your alarm bell rings.

Don't talk about my parts, your opinion is unwanted.
Your idle threats, i'm nothing near daunted.

The problem in matter, is something unknown.
Perhaps we will find out, when yourself is blown.

A thousand parts, you lie destroyed.
Now i await, for anything else you've deployed.
It's becoming apparent you're running out of steam
Victory in your name is naught more than a dream.

I understand you much more than you know
That's why I'm not put off by your little show.

Believe me, kid, you've got much to learn.
Control your feelings; don't make me get stern.

Transformer you are not, but a weak child instead
I highly suggest you going to bed.
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