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Sorry, I'm no amazing poet.
At the risk of being cliche, I know it.
No one's perfect, I know I'm nowhere near,
We'll slowly learn, don't you fear.
That's great news, I do believe
But for tonight, I must leave
Goddammit, armo.
I've missed you. How are you fairing against your foes?
I have none left, they all lie dead,
Procrastination. That's all there is to be said.
With studying, I presume?
With a ruler, over you I loom.
Loom over me? You sure about that?
Unless you're on top of an apartment flat..
I digress, you are very tall.
It doesn't help I'm stupid and small.
Games are fun.
But not fun in the sun!
I much prefer when it's cold.
The temperature drops its hand and folds.
Unless it's swimming,
In the shade, I'll be freezing.

Kinda rhymed...
But you're made of metal!
How could you do the backpedal??
My wires clog up with frost,
My senses are severely lost.
Oh, such a pity.
I don't give a kitty.
Revive this thread I will
A void that I shall fill.
You crazy creepy Mustache you
That was so unoriginal, dude
Why should I care, sweet cool girl
This rhyme sucks. Hooray.
There always seems to be one guy,
who thinks that for him, the rules don't apply
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