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Good morning/day/afternoon/evening, my fellow 2Canners! I am "oni-ni-kanaboh", and I am the Dungeon Master for "A Dark & Stormy Knight", a Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 campaign designed for four 1st-level players.

Ladies and gentlemen, all positions have been filled. Say hello to our players:

A Tree: A Rogue of some kind. Development in progress.
ReclusiveDragon: Farlon Salren, a Half-Elf Ranger.
SporeInsanity: Ienbaera, a Gnome Paladin.
Wildface: Nuik, an Elf Druid.

In case of emergency, Arbalest will be there to lend a helping hand to the party. It shouldn't come to that, however.

To everyone else who expressed interest, I thank you. I'd like to add you all in, too, but the campaign is built for four players. Rest assured, if someone drops out, you'll be the first people I call on to fill the hole. Best of wishes to you.

12-28-11: The journey has begun. Nuik, Farlon, and Arbalest have begun their journey to Hightower; they have been hired to scout the area in and around Hightower for hostile strongholds. Ienbaera, an upstanding Paladin and ally to their cause, was waylaid in the last town, and has promised to catch up.

This post will be updated consistently, so you won't need to trudge through pages of info to find the juicy bits.

Map of Hightower Tor
Update Day!

Since the campaign is starting to gain cohesion, it's time to start laying the framework!

For simplicity, this campaign will only use the races and classes found in the Player's Handbook. This is a deliberate undertaking by my part to keep the game accessible to all players.

I don't mind a little min-maxing by players, but I don't care much for munchkining. First-time offenders will be discouraged by a firm, gentle "no". (Or, as firm and gentle one can get in writing.) Repeated or egregrious violations will find that "bad things" will occur to their characters.

All dice will be rolled by yours truly. This is measure to reduce cheating, seeing as I won't be able to see anyone roll their dice in this medium. This also serves as a means to streamline the playing experience.

Players will find a link to a blank character template here:

Once I roll up your stats, Players, you can start filling in the template. To keep this thread from ballooning under its weight and collapsing, send your completed templates to the "Dungeons & Dragons" thread in the "Hobbies" section of the Forum. Then, I can save them to my hard drive and re-upload them here. Keep the admins happy and use links, please!

If anyone has any questions about character creation, feel free to contact me.
I'm afraid I'm not quite clear on a few points. First of all, what is "munchkining"? Also, you said you would be rolling up our stats. Does that mean we won't be able to divide the attribute points we are allotted ourselves?

Munchkining is basically asking to play or use something that would not normally be seen in a particular setting. (Example: a ninja in Renaissance Italy.) Also, Munchkining could be asking to use some of the more ridiculous splat books, official or non-official. (Example: The Book of Nine Swords, aka "The Book of Weeaboo Fightan Magic".)

What I mean by "roll up your stats" is that I will roll your ability scores. You know, Strength, Dexterity, etc. You'll get to choose where they go, don't worry.
Um, ok. I will say what is on my mind.

1: Is this an MMO/RPG?
2: I have never played and MMO/RPG, so i don't I dont understand them.
3: I got confused by your .png thingy-mabob.
4: I am still really confused by the whole concept.
5: I still don't understand what the game is about.
6: I forgot my other questions, so I will edit this post if I ever remember them.

If you are asking about dungeons and dragons in general you might want to ask in this thread instead. If you have specific questions about character sheets, which is what the DDEditTemplate file is, I'm sure there are more experienced people than myself that can help you.

This thread specifically is for a campaign being hosted by oni-ni-kanaboh. If you have any specific questions about this campagin you should PM him.
Ladies and gentlemen, the time is nearly upon us!

On Wednesday, December 28, 2011, the adventure will begin and our intrepid heroes will cross the threshold of Hightower Tor. What will they find? Treasure? A distressed damsel? Or, will they find their fate within the stone walls of the tor? Keep in touch to find out!
Well, I said "5:15 PST", and we're gonna start at 5:15 PST, which is now.

Ladies and gentlemen, and ladies that dress like gentlemen: "A Dark & Stormy Knight".


It's a mild summer afternoon. Large, heaping clouds can be seen, almost cathedral-like in appearance, far to the east. The air thrums with the sounds of life as Nuik, Farlon, and Arbalest travel southward. Their spirits are high as they travel the dusty lane, heading towards the mountains... towards Hightower.

A couple days previous, Nuik, Farlon, Arbalest, and their friend Ienbaera were hired to scout out the Hightower area and see whether or not anyone had begun using it as a fortification; Hightower had a long history of being used as a stronghold for packs of goblins. Thanks to a farmer's ass trapped in a ditch in the last village, Ienbaera was held up; she bade her friends good-bye and promised them she'd meet them at Hightower.

So, with a old, musty map of Hightower Tor and stars in their eyes, the intrepid group set off.
Yay for scouting missions! What do we do now?
Arbalest: "Well, it's certainly a nice day. It's a lot cooler than I thought it would be, which is a welcome change."

*Arbalest looks around, and notices the clouds.*

Arbalest: "Hey, check out those clouds. Think we'll get any rain?"
Nuik: "It sure seems threatening. I wouldn't be surprised if it does."
Arbalest: "I hope not. I wouldn't want to get caught in a rainstorm; leather is so hard to dry without it..."

*Thunder rumbles in the distance.*

Arbalest: "Me and my big mouth...."
*Farlon looks to the clouds Arbalest had previously mentioned*

Farlon: "Well, if those clouds get any closer we are sure to get stuck in a storm. Let's just be sure we keep an eye on them. I would hate to be caught out here in the open... Who has that old map, how much further is it till we get to this ancient tor?"
*Arbalest pulls out a worn parchment map.*

Arbalest: I have it here.

*Arbalest opens the map.*

Arbalest: Wha...? It's just a map of the Hightower Tor!"

(Map of Hightower Tor uploaded to Original Post.)
Farlon: "Blast, I should've known. I doubt very many people have been out this way; let alone many mapmakers. If we hurry on we might be able to make it to Hightower before this storm sets in. I doubt it could be very far from those mountains ahead."

*Farlon covers his head with the cowl from his cloak, despite knowing it will do him very little good if it starts raining*
Arbalest: "You've got a point, Farlon. I'm just a little worried about Ienbaera out in the foul weather. I hope she'll be all right on her own."
*Imagines what could happen to Ienbaera if she held up any longer, but quickly throws his worries aside*

Farlon: "She'll be alright I have faith that she will find her way."
*Casually making a joke to help lighten the mood* "Besides she could always use that buckler of hers as an umbrella."
Arbalest: "Just hope that a stiff breeze doesn't blow through and carry her away."

*Flashes of lightning can be seen from the ever-darkening clouds to the east.*

Arbalest: "We'd better bet moving; those clouds are getting pretty mean-looking."
Farlon: "Agreed."

*Quickens his pace by several strides, hoping the others will follow suit.*
*Arbalest lengthens his stride to match pace with Farlon.*

Arbalest: Coming, Nuik?
*matches the stride of the others easily*
Nuik: "Of course. I'm not going to be left here in this kind of weather."
*After a couple hours of walking, the sky darkens, and the smell of rain hangs thick in the air. At last, the pregnant clouds release their payload, accompanied by loud peals of thunder that seem to roll across the landscape. The sun has been obscured by massive stormclouds, and a cold wind blows from the north. As bolts of blue lightning slam from cloud to cloud and large hailstones begin to strike the earth, the need for shelter becomes obvious.

*Ahead in the distance, a large tor rises from the ground, its form illuminated by the occasional thunderbolt. It seems rocky and solid, and though climbing it in this weather would be folly, it might have some outcropping that would provide safety from the storm. The only alternative is to endure the weather.*

*Farlon notices an inscription carved above a giant door that matches markings on the map Arbalest has.*
*Heading toward the giant door carved into the side of the looming tor*

Farlon: "What luck, it seems we've made it to Hightower, and just in time to avoid much of the storm!"
"Those markings above the door there match those on that old map of yours Arbalest."
Arbalest: "You're right! We need to leave a marker; something that won't go out in the rain, so Ienbaera can find us... does anyone have a sunrod?"
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