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In this game, the only thing allowed is actions. No commentary, no OOC stuff, nada. And no circumventing this rule, either (Ex. *I say to armo, "You need to get rid of the Evil dot of doom!™"*).

I'll start us out. Game... START!

*mixes ingredients for cookies*
*puts batter on baking sheet*
*puts baking sheet in oven*
*Is honoured his name has been mentioned :')*
*Looks at Wildface with puppy eyes*
*points to the timer*
*shakes head*
*Puts on a sad face*
*Waits patiently*
*enters room silently*
*Perks up and waves*
*waves to Schemer*
*starts mixing another batch*
*waves to both*
*takes a seat at the table*
*Puts out hand and challenges Scheme to Scissors, paper, rock.*
*pulls out some glasses*
*takes some milk out of the refrigerator*
*looks questioningly at armo and Schemer*
*Nods head*
*timer starts ringing*
*stops timer and pulls out cookies*
*puts another batch in*
*starts timer*
*Puts hand out to recieve cookie*
*denies RPS challenge*
*looks to Wildface for cookie*
*Dejected face*
*takes a bite out of a cookie*
*moves remaining cookies to a plate*
*nods head towards armo and Schemer*
*places full glasses of milk near the plate*
*consumes 3 cookies and a glass of milk*
*hears & stops timer*
*pulls out second batch of cookies; sets on plate*
*takes off apron and walks upstairs*
*Grabs rest of cookies and runs upstairs*
*grabs G17 and heads after armo with a vengeance*
*Grabs M4A1 on the way upstairs and gives an evil giggle*
*stops at the top of the stairs and blocks path*
*holds hand out and looks expectantly at armo*
*Transforms into a shadow warrior and glides through Wildface*
*waves hand and all doors on the hallway become impassable*
*Transforms into water and slides under the door*
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