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OBJECTION! I was shooting you with high-pressure water bullets that can punch a full metre through steel, but I was using water, so I wasn't actually 'firing' at you!!

I accuse the NP of typing in black font!
Objection! I did no such thing

I accuse the NP of being on the Internet!
I object, I live here!

I accuse the NP of wearing too many sweaters!
HOLD IT! I live in a country where it's hot enough to melt Gallium in the sun on a daily basis! Why would I wear sweaters?!

I accuse the NP of using full-on caps!

I accuse the NP of having a social life.
Well, it's not my fault I'm so damn cute! (for a guy)

I accuse the NP of originally thinking I was a girl.
I'm sorry i didn't know! your profile picture is just so feminine!

i accuse the NP of loving Friday by Rebecca Black!
I only use it for torturing people I hate!

I accuse NP of BS of the highest caliber!
(Also, are we allowed to type the full word of BS?)
I deny that because i don't even understand what I'm being accused of.

I've never seen someone get told off or whatever for swearing on here. I know I do sometimes.

I accuse the following poster of abuse of chocolate. Cocoa has feelings too, you know!
EDIT: Dammit, Ninja'd.

But they were just. SO. DELICIOUS! *eats more chocolate*

I accuse the NP of *stuffs more chocolate into mouth* HATING CHOCOLATE!

* Chocolate stains splatter around the court *
I object! I just didn't like the crap-flavoured ones.

I accuse the NP for cussing!
Objection! I'm an <lies>innocent little girl</lies> so I don't cuss!
I accuse the NP of premeditated murder!
NOT TRUE. It was completely on a whim...

I accuse the NP of not wearing pants!
So I was wearing a skirt! Arrest me for it!

I accuse the NP of raping a duck!
It is impossible to rape the willing!

I accuse the NP of making me feel really awkward!
Objection! You admitted you had intercourse with a duck, so it was you yourself who made you feel awkward!

I accuse the NP of using illegal substances to make a duck have intercourse with them!
I propose a change of venue. The current jury is ducks and that is a clear conflict of interest. I plead the fifth amendment on all charges of duck-related misconduct.

I accuse the next poster of punching a little kid and yelling "Yeah, Hitler rules"
I was starting a chain reaction of events that would add up to my favor.

I accuse the NP of blowing up the stove I was, and still am, cooking on!
I'm so sorry, something went wrong while trying to make Nutella sandwiches...

I accuse the NP of stealing my Nutella.
Well your name wasn't on it! And it is just so delicious.

I accuse the NP of hating Nutella!!!!!!!!!
I just had Nutella on toast! (Really, I did IRL) I loved it!

I accuse the NP of wearing a snuggie to court!
It's not my fault they are so comfortable and convenient!

I accuse the NP of Necrophilia! You nasty son of a bitch. How could you?
I object, I only killed her after I was done!

I accuse the NP of not listening to radiohead!
I was not firing at you at all! There just happened to be a bug flying around your head/heart/lower intestinal area that I was trying to hit.

I accuse the NP of gluing a nickel to the sidewalk!
I object, it was duct-taped there, which entirely different!

I accuse the NP (and the LP) of not checking whether they were on the last page before posting!
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