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Please, tell me. What is a 'me-me'?

I accuse the next poster of procrastinating.
Aw, you caught me.

I accuse np of swearing too goddamn fucking much.
I have never sworn in my life, unless you count showing my classmates the bird in third grade

I accuse the NP of writing horrific fanfiction
I don't write fanfictions

I accuse the np of inflating bloons (the penalty, if caught, is being "cleansed" by a true monkey sun god)
I'll just confess, who would give up the chance to be cleansed by a monkey sun god?

I accuse the NP of not wanting to be cleansed by a monkey sun god
You do realize that being "cleansed" by the true monkey god means being vaporized by the rays in the twinkling of an eye (there won't even be a single grain of soot on the ground after that)

I accuse the np of wanting to be cleansed by the true monkey sun god
I'm sorry, but it still sounds really cool.

I accuse the NP of not refilling the toilet paper after they finished the roll.
I'm asian. Asians always refill the toilet paper.

I accuse np of not being asian.
I'm white. White people are hardly ever Asian.

I accuse the NP of not recognizing a star wars prequel reference I made a while ago
I only own Revenge of the Sith

I accuse the np of bad Wii Sports Resortmanship
I'm sorry, but I am here for fencing and fencing alone. No other sport is worth my time.

I accuse the NP of hacking my account
I haven't hacked yours, particularly...

I accuse the NP of temporarily avoiding this conversation.
I was just taking a break from it!

I accuse np of having created their account over a day ago.
More like, over a decade ago. My account is so old it is beyond the statute of limitations. Heck, I have seniority over the statute of limitations. You ain't got nothin' on me, copper!

NP leaves the toilet seat up.
because I'm too lazy to put it down

NP is marking time
Feel the rhythm/feel the rhyme/come on baby/it's marking time

i accuse np of leaving people on read on purpose
I don't even know how to leave people on read. Sorry, wrong person

I accuse NP of complaining about Christmas season starting too early
I am well within my rights to complain about the retail abomination. I also vote with my dollars like a dirty millenial.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we will show that the NP who now stands before you has blatantly karma-whored by cross-posting between Reddit and Imgur.
I don't have an imgur account, so I believe you are mistaken.

I accuse the NP of taking candy from babies
Well, due to a recent factory mishap, those candies were, in fact, contaminated with lead.

I accuse the NP for completely extinguishing the sun! (The horror!)
it probably just set, cuz' it's rising in California

but the NP has done a far more serious crime: stealing Reddit memes and posting them on Facebook
I never post to facebook. You have the wrong guy.

I accuse the NP of multi-posting
I accuse np of not liking my double post
I like it

the np has committed and unspeakable sin: repairing MOAB bloons
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