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This is a fun game
If you know how to do it
Just type a haiku!
Hm, what should I write?
Some conversation of sort?
Where are the others?
Suppose I am here.
What should we all talk about,
Haiku elitests?
If I could play games
I would do it all the time
Haiku's serious
I beg to differ.
Haiku can be frivolous,
If the writer wills.
Haiku's anything,
Just meet the requirements.
Depends on your mood.
I suppose you're right.
After all, it's just Haiku.
We need more users.
One does not need more
Community involvement.
But this does seem fun.
I quite enjoy this,
But the more users involved
The more fun we'll have!
I love to Haiku
Yes, this word is now a verb
'Cause I made it one
Quite fascinating,
Haikus can become if used.
That is, correctly.
This is a haiku.
An epic, awesome haiku.
This haiku is done.
It can be easy
To write a haiku or two
Or quite difficult
Welcome new user!
New users are always nice.
Hope you have some fun.
I thank you my friend
I'm glad that I'm welcome here
This game is such fun
Indeed, it is fun,
For when I form haiku now,
...Darn, can't find last line...
When I read haiku
I always think of Spyro
That realm with the ants
Hello other new
User on these grand forums.
Why the avatar?
I am also new.
This community seems nice.
I enjoy forums.
We are pretty sane,
Oh new user upon us.
Welcome to the site!
You know what I see.
He likes to watch Doctor Who.
I might like this kid.
Everybody has
Great potential to become
A friend on TwoCans.
Haiku's are easy
But they often make no sense
That is the first time
I've heard refridgerator
In a haiku, sir.
I am so surprised
That no one else has moved to
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