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I want CHIPS with going back to 5 letters
Did you see my new hair cut from sports CLIPS?
Man, that's pretty SLICK!
Man, my back KILLS.
did you fall into the MILLS?
Nah, just slipped on some SLIME
Was it streaked in LINES?
I think it may have come from a SNAIL.
Are you so sure that it came from any PLAIN old snail?
The snail at my lettuce PLANT.
Coincidentally, I think it also ate a couple of my pairs of PANTS
I think it also ate my STAMP
It looks like it also ate some of that tree STUMP
We must STOMP on this snail and end its reign of tyranny.
STOP Trump from ruining the country. Someone. Please. I beg you. Help.
You've dropped a letter, it needs to stay 5 letters long, so please check your most recent POSTS
Make sure your server HOSTS the network though. (Not sure if that makes sense lol)
We don't give any S*ITS.
I like to roast meat on SPITS
Do you do that to SPITE your oven?
Yes. On an unrelated note I have a dog named SPIKE.
Is it's fur SPIKY?
No but he is a very KISSY dog.
I have one that SKIPS.
That would be the best of the PICKS
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