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It would be very SLICK.
I could throw a STICK for it.
Just so long as it's not too THICK.
My friend thinks she's thicc
Easy on that slang there, chico

(Can we get back to actual words, please?)
I guess so. I found this cute little CHICK.
Well, better CHECK the coop
Don't forget to CHUCK the trash away when you're finished.
The hen I stole the chick from just let out an angry CLUCK
I gotta go to the store to buy a new CLOCK
Watch out for online CLICK bait
Why? Will we end up in the CLINK?

Surprising. 70's gangster lingo is actually applicable in some scenarios.
That wouldn't be so bad. They've got pottery classes and regularly fire up the KILNS
I hate using kilns, they STINK.
I don't THINK they stink.
THANK you for that important information
I wish I could be in a prison movie and pretend to SHANK someone. I legitimately think that would be entertaining.
You all STANK today. Seriously, get your act together.
Well, you should have TALKS with us if you think that's so.
I have so many TASKS that it isn't funny.
How about I open a couple of CASKS to help out your stress.
It might lessen the stress of the STACK of work I have.
Has someone lost some TACKS?

(does rearranging count? lol)
(yes it does)
My life LACKS motivation right now.
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