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Well if Delta STOLE it in the first place is there much difference?
Now, that's not nice, though it wasn't a STALE idea
Perhaps they will offer a complimentary LATTE.
Hopefully they tell many TALES while they're at it.
Too SALTY for you?
Can we SLATE this conversation for later?
How much LATER?
Until the RATES for the meeting room drop below 20$ an hour. It's an expensive room.
Maybe we should STEER clear of it altogether.
We could take a few RESTS then. Check out a few hotel rooms.
Well at least THERE wouldn't be bills to pay.
There would be bills for the rooms but I don't have the HEART to tell the rest of the company to skimp out on paying the rooms.
Well we could just SHARE the cost.
That's true. I can get our company programs to PARSE out a few dividends that we all have to pay. It should be cheaper than the meeting rooms we use daily.
Will we have enough SPACE?
We should. I even bought some PEACHes to have during the meetings.

Finally! We have come full circle again to the first post!
So the next PHASE begins here.
Yes, it does. I think we should invest in HARES. The dividends will multiply like rabbits!
Would a few utilities help to SHORE up the portfolio?
I think they would. I can get a few ROPES to tie up the portfolio if need be.
All due PROPS for that.
So, next order of business. Are we going to organize a company SPORT weekend for morale?
If the girls show up in SHORT skirts or pants, I'm all for it.
I think you'd have to ask them yourself. We do have company SHIRTs to give out though.
* TRIES one on *
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