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I hope we can WRITE these shirts off as a business expense.
Not now though, I'm too TIRED.
Yeah, we should take a break. Everybody seemed a little WIRED.
Should I WRITE us a collective sick note?
Well I for one vote we get a new set of TIRES for this bus and keep 'er goin'
I'll just sit on a STAIR and watch.
Perhaps to pass the time you could watch the STARS?
Nah, I think we should START.
Careful when putting the tires on to not lose the hubcaps. Those are important PARTS.
They also have nice aerodynamic properties, especially if you spin them when you throw. Perhaps we could define a new SPORT.
We'd have to find some good SPOTS to do so. Safety first as I always say!
i heard there were some good SCOTS across the pond for you to look into for that job
If I'm going to do a job, I should wear my good ASCOT
Im going hang out with my good friend SCOTT.
SCOOT over a little bit, we need to follow the precautions
Precautions state we need to SCOUT ahead, any takers?
"I'll go! I have eyes!" Scott says, as he TOUTS his 20/15 vision.
Alright, we got Scott, no need to SHOUT.
Any more volunteers?
I'll go! I still need something to SHOOT!
How about a SHOAT? We could do with some bacon.
I wonder if we need some spare COATS?
What's wrong with the ones we got from TESCO?
I dunno man, they've got some bad rep. Check out this SCONE, for example.
I heard that a lady found some unidentified BONES inside one of the freezers last month!
Yeah, if we could get anything better, that would be a SCORE.
Sorry, I was late.
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