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"shes a BADDY"
Name was MADDY
her name was mandy
His name was Sandy
he flows through the SANDS of time
As he SCANS the page
consisting of desert SCAMS
He MACES them when they approach
While wearing new shoeLACES
His head now full of LICES
He will measure how full it is with a SCALE.
Then go to WALES
Welp time for some KALES
hope they're SLEEK
KNEEL before the kale
The kale LEEKS
Wash your produce! even if your sink LEAKS.
Even if there's a SNAKE
The sheep BLEATs out in the countryside, yearning for the meaning of life. It immediately forgets its existential dread by taking another bite of sweet, sweet grass.
"Wow", says the sheep, "I didn't have to pay anything for this grass! What a STEAL!"
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