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Okay. This is a thread where you come to:
  • Discuss new thread ideas
  • Give ideas for improvements on current threads
  • Bump up any threads that you like

Stuff like that. Anything else you want to add, go for it.

Current suggestions:


Number Games

Counting Down
  • Count down by ones to see how low you can get!
Counting Up
  • Count up by ones to see how high you can go!
Gender Race
  • Try to get the number to the 500 or 0 by adding or subtracting 1, depending on your gender!
Gender Race EXPRESS
  • The same thing as Gender Race, except you go to either 100 or 0, instead of 1000 or 0.
World War III
  • Add to your favorite country and subtract from your least-favorite! Last country standing wins the game.
Point! V. 2.0
  • Dominate the 5 available spaces with your names and get points every time you post.
TCaS Feud
  • Guess the most popular response to the question for more points!

Story Games

three word story
  • Write a story, three words at a time!

  • The game of constantly changing conversations!
Edit The Quote
  • Edit the quote of the user above you for an interesting conversation!
Haiku Games
  • Make a conversation using only haikus!
Party on the Hill
  • A specialized version of You're Winner!
Rhyme and chime
  • Make a conversation using two sentences that rhyme!
You're Winner!
  • Be the last one to post! [Name changes occasionally.]

  • A RolePlay thread!
Role Playing
  • A RolePlay thread!

Cooking with Rice
  • Add something to the rice mix!
Lights, Camera, Action!
  • Only actions are allowed in this game!

Misc. Text Games

  • Tell something about the user above you, yourself, and the user below you!
  • Add a word or phrase to the one above you to make a new word or phrase!
About ^
  • Post something that you know about the user above you!
Are you guilty?
  • The opposite of the Truth game!
  • Post a place whose name begins with the last letter of the previous place!
  • Ban the user above you!
change 1 letter
  • Change one letter from the previous user's word in order to make a new word!
Corrupt a Wish
  • Corrupt the wish of the poster above you, and make your own wish!
Defend Yourself! This is Court!
  • Defend yourself against the previous user's accusation!
  • Replace a word in a famous quote with the word 'duck'!
Duct-tape is the answer to everything.
  • Post a problem, and the next person solves it using duct tape!
Fortunatly Unfortunatly
  • Take turns saying what makes the previous post fortunate or unfortunate!
How Thoughtful of You!
  • Turn the previous user's insult into a compliment!
Kill Bob/Save Bob Revival
  • One poster tries to kill Bob, and the next poster saves him!
King of the Hill
  • Become King of the Hill by any means necessary!
  • Ask a question to the Magic 8-Ball and receive an answer! [Original rules revised.]
Never ever have I ever...
  • Reveal if you have ever done what the previous user has never done, then say something you have never done! Drinks not included.
  • Answer the previous user's question with your own!
Rate the Avatar
  • Rate the avatar of the user above you!
Rate the Blurb
  • Rate the blurb of the user above you!
Rate the Spoonerism
  • Rate the previous user's Spoonerism!
Rock beats Scissors
  • Post what you think would defeat the last user's item!
The Drawing Game
  • Add something to the previous user's drawing!
The Exception Game
  • Post a statement, and the next poster will make an exception to it!
The Lying Game
  • Do not truthfully answer the question of the poster above you!
The Truth game
  • Truthfully answer the question of the poster above you!
Two cans trivia!
  • How well do you know TCaS? Ask and answer questions about TCaS here!
Type your name with your "X"
  • Try typing your name using whatever the previous user told you to!
Word Stream
  • Post a word that starts with the first two letters of the previous user's word!

  • See if you can make the biggest thread bump!
slap keyboard game
  • Slap your keyboard and post the results!
How you can be entertained by this, I will never understand...
Word association game.
  • Post the first word you think of when you read the one above you!


Coin Game
  • A game where you want to keep as many coins as possible.
Dungeon Dice Monsters
  • A game where you kill your opponent by rolling dice and summoning monsters.
A Game of Daggers
  • A Mafia variation... I think.
TCaS Mafia
  • A Mafia-style game!
Mafia Deux
  • A Mafia-style game!
Three Choices
  • An interactive game where you have to out-guess your opponents!
Poker 2
  • A forum game of Texas Hold'em!
  • A dice game where you capture creatures and gain Glory!


Chess anyone?
  • Play Chess using ASCII art!
Copy Pasta!
  • Make a post using whatever is in your clipboard!
free photoshop commissions
  • Request to have a picture made here!
Fun facts
  • Post a fun fact.
It would be best if I made a new Point! game then.
I guess we'll have to start over again then...
Your choice.
I made a new thread.
Hold on. In armo's first post of the R2P Group, well... "Seven" and "Cool7Girl7" are the same people.

Perhaps a list of people and locations of said people on the Underground thread.
Will do.
armo said:
Carpe Diem is obviously right after she pointed out that Seven and Cool7girl7 is the same person, while I had mistakened them for two.

Ahh, thank you armo!

I now promise myself that I will join the Underground, once I take the time to read what it's all about.

I swear.
Ditto. Still reading...

You'll have to update me on locations as they change.


Everyone's in Silvale now. Me and ScareKrow are inside the inn, and Smoke's on her caravan.
I'm in the inn too...
Someone should make some maps for the Underground, that would be awesome.
SkareKrow could probably make one.
Someone should make maps for R2P.
Someone should post in the thread. >_>

Yeah, I'll make one actually.
I don't know what you're talking about. XD

Now, I wouldn't want to post twice in a row in that thread, would I?
I apologise for ignoring the best thread of the forum, and from now on will double post just so that I can play a large role in it.

Err, if you wish...
Touché. ._.

This has been on my mind for a while. For Roll to Play players:

Should I make it that retrieving resources and building buildings just take one turn? Or should I leave it as 2 turns for resources and 3 for buildings?

Whichever you guys prefer.
Dude, we're in Perilie. Not Silvale.
I was told otherwise. >:|

Everyone is?
I think so.
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