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.761 Days Ago

Like a boss.
Mess up!
2.132 days ago. This is going to be the least played thread game haha!
I really don't get this!
You have to try and get the largest gap between the posts. For example, the record now is 2.1 days (shown in the first post). You have to try and beat that by waiting until the last post in the thread is 2.1 + days old, and then post to get the lead.
Ohh ok. 16.67.40

Is that it?
Noope, you post the time of how long ago the previous post was.
You don't have to. I mean you could, but there's really no reason to.
Ohh ok. 16.67.40

Is that it?

You have to paste the part which says <number> days ago.
13.20.95? is that it?
You are looking at the number under that. "2.045 days ago", for you.
The highlighted portion is what you SHOULD post. Anything else is blah.
2.016 days ago. :)
Still not long enough...
Shush. I know what you are thinking.
You do??? What was I thinking then?!
lol I don't even remember what I was thinking! xD
If you don't remember what you were thinking, anything I tell you could be true.
True...but tell me anyways. I'm curious.
2.689 days! Am I winning?
Yupp and shit! I was gonna post just now!
xD Mwahahaha, I win c:
Haha! I'll get you next time!
Neverrr! o:
0.122 days ago. right?