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However, in order to win, you want that number to be higher than the record (currently 2.689 days ago).
oh. 4.156
Wild, that shouldn't count, I can just edit this post to win, and no one would be able to tell.
Are you referring to my post? Of course I'm not counting my edit as a bump. All I was doing was pointing out that if I wasn't the last one to post, I would have been able to bump the thread for the record.

Even if I double-posted (therefore actually bumping the thread), I still wouldn't count it since I would only have the record due to breaking the rules (double-posting).
I don't see why double posting would be problematic? If people forget about the thread, then go for it.
*shrugs* It's a matter of opinion. I wouldn't do it because it would be purposefully double-posting.
I would rather you double post, because then the thread would get bumped up and others would get a chance to see. If you just edit, then it stays down the list. But if you were just making a point, I don't mind, I just don't think it should be counted.
Indeed. I knew Wild wasn't trying to make a record by editing his posts. That would be cheating, and not satisfactory.
4.362 days ago,

back in the lead >:D
4.456 days ago
4.635 days ago

...No comment.
I'm such a terrible person.
Yes. Yes you are.
Don't you mean :{D?
 O   O


4.914 days ago. :D
5.139 days ago