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“Ooh, fancy!”
I add a Poisoncup in the rice.
I add some of my old physics worksheets to that
The golden glow creates multitudes of rice that are added to the mix.
I give TC more infinite rice to play with.
I then add a variety of seasonings to the mix.
The glow turns pure silver and it starts to rain rice.
I add non-spicy soup into the mix. Lots of it.
I add tons of California Reapers.
I take out the Carolina Reapers.
NOOOOOOO!!!! I add them again.
I take them out again.
*hisses back louder* Adds them again.
I take them out again and stir.
I add them so that they can't be removed.
I add milk. As in, an ocean’s worth of milk.
I add more spice
Moar milk.
Moar spise!
Moar milk!
Moar spise!
“Uh, you okay?”
I add milk.
I'm good.

I add some spice.
I add miso and milk.
I add hot sauce
I add milk and a different kind of spicy sauce.
I add a rubber ducky
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