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I add some bird poo.
I add the fire of a million suns.
I add the ice of a thousand frozen planets.
I add a native rose harvested at sunrise from Asteroid B-612
I add Metal Sonic
I add about 3 metric fuck tons of spinach
I add about 11 metric tons of soup.
The bowl does seem to have infinite space...I wanna see what happens if we somehow end up filling it.
Also, soup.
I add 2 liters of colored slime.
I add Metal Sonic
I add 2 cups of planet earth
I add a MOS 6502
I add holy water and walk away smirking.
I add satanic soda to counteract the holy water
I add a CPR mannequin
I add a cubic butt ton of Habeneros and spicy chiles
I add a cup of Siracha
I add a single drop of anti matter and teleport away.
I add a black hole, and the bowl implodes from it. I calmly get a new bowl from the cupboard.
I've frozen chicken stock in a mold to be the shape of a warming pan, which I use to stir the rice.
I mash the rice with a hydraulic hammer
I mix the rice with brown rice and bats.
I add Raid Shadow Legends to the rice
I grab a chunk of the rice, delete Raid: Shadow Legends, and gently place it back.
I add Garfield Kart into the rice
I add the ability of flight to the rice.
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