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The Goal

There are two sides to this game: the Mafia and the townies. For the Mafia, the goal is to outnumber the townies, which will prevent the townies from winning. For the townies, the goal is to eliminate all of the Mafia.

The Gameplay

If you would like to know how Mafia works, this guide will give you a good overview of the game. If you still don't understand everything, that's expected. Joining a game is the best way to learn how to play. We won't bite... much.


Game Timeline
  • Days will be 48 hours.
  • Nights will be 24 hours.

Honesty and Cheating
  • In all interactions with the GM, you must be honest.
  • Do not contact any player in or outside of the game about the game.
  • Do nothing that would be considered cheating.
  • Do not quote your role PM or any other PM from the GM.
  • Do not use invisible (white) text.

  • If a player does not post at least once per (Day) Phase, he/she will be notified by PM. If this happens again, he/she will be replaced or Modkilled.
  • If you are going to be absent for a specific period of time, please let me know ahead of time!

Votes and Lynching
  • Every Day Phase, every player may vote for any other player that they want lynched.
  • Votes can be changed as many times as you wish until a majority is reached. At that point, the votes are locked into place.
  • All votes must be bolded or otherwise obvious to the GM. If I have to guess if it is a vote or not, it won't be counted and you won't be notified. Check the current vote count if you aren't sure if it has been counted.
  • You may vote for a No Lynch. If a majority of No Lynches are received, the Day will end with no lynch.
  • If there is no majority vote by Deadline, there will be no lynch.
  • Once you are dead, you may not post. Period.

  • Harassment of an individual player is NOT permitted. It is the nature of the game that players will be antagonistic toward each other at times. However, it should always be kept in the spirit of a game. That is, attack the case, not the person.
  • Always play to your win condition.
  • Do not discuss this game anywhere else with anyone else unless your role allows you to.

  • The GM will post all important information in this color. Do not use this color or impersonate the GM.
  • Once you have posted a message, don't remove any portion of your message. Once it is posted, it should be able to be seen by every player. This goes along with the no-white-text rule, as it goes against the spirit of the

Game-Specific Rules
  • With 7 players, there are 2 Mafia.
  • Both of the Mafia, in addition to making nightkills, may communicate with each other and anonymously post messages on the thread.
  • One player will be a Civilian Representative. This player can anonymously post messages on the thread.
Log of Previous Games



Dead Players

1) MeansToOffend Civilian Representative Killed Night 0.
2) asesal Neutral Survivor Modkilled.
I think the votes should be done on the thread.
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 8 Y88. .P  888     .8' `888.     888oooo8     888     .8' `888.    
 8  `888'   888    .88ooo8888.    888    "     888    .88ooo8888.   
 8    Y     888   .8'     `888.   888          888   .8'     `888.  
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___  ____ ____ ____ ____    ____ ___ ____ ____ ___ 
|__] |__/ |___ [__  [__     [__   |  |__| |__/  |  
|    |  \ |___ ___] ___]    ___]  |  |  | |  \  |  


EDIT: I think it should be proportional to the people playing- For example, if there are, say up to five, one, then it goes up by one every three or so.
What is "it"? The number of Mafia members?
Ill play.
You know what I think.
Personally, I think there should be a hint when talking about #4.
I'm in.
Killing people that I vaguely know. Count me in!
So am I.
Oh...count me in.
Me too
Doesn't seem to be updating much...
I'm in the process of moving (I'm on a Greyhound bus right now), so I have been busy recently. I'll wait a day or two more for any more participants, then I will start the game.
Ohhhhhhh. That explains it.
I am interested, as well.
Same if there's any room left :)
Wild: I like number 7. We should totally do number 7.
I'll be sure to do that... If I remember...
What? No. We can't have this many players. This is a one-player game. >:(
Who would you kill?
Depends who's Mafia. If I was the Mafia, me and myself would have to kill I. If it was me or myself, then I would have to kill myself or me... >_>
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